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Why a couples therapy intensive?

Why You?

Your relationship is stuck or stalled. Perhaps this is due to escalating conflict, the slow death of intimacy or a major crisis of infidelity. Maybe you’re even on the brink of divorce? However, when you recall the best of times, you recognise you still have a deep commitment to saving your marriage and making change happen.

Why Me?

I’m a fully qualified and accredited couple and family therapist with a reputation for working with couples that no other therapist has been able to help. For over two decades I have been helping successful couples create great relationships. Let me show you how you can quickly transform your relationship.


Imagine if you could rapidly break the deadlock and revive your vision and values for the relationship. Imagine if you could reignite desire and passion and discover new possibilities together. Imagine closing the gap between how things are and how you want them to be. Imagine a relationship transformed!

Relationship Breakthrough:

Learn 5 skills to help create a great relationship

I will share with you what I have learned from working with successful couples – and in practising what I teach. Download my free guide and discover 5 core skills that will help you build the connected, loving, and enduring relationship that you deserve. (Coming soon)


Life Changing, empowering, and definitely intense! Peter is truly a gifted couples therapist who really helped restore our marriage. We had reached a point where divorce seemed the only option. The intensive with Peter was our last chance and it really worked. We made a commitment to work on our marriage and even though we’ve had ups and downs since then, our commitment has not waivered and Peter has been available to help. This was the best investment we made in our marriage and I highly recommend the Couples intensive.

– Chris and Janelle, Chelsea, London

After 7 years of marriage, we thought that we were OK, but then we hit a sudden and devastating crisis that really threatened all we had created together. We could not wait for months of weekly therapy and needed a way to urgently get back on track. The Couple Intensive gave us the tools and skills we needed to repair the damage and confront the triggers that had created the crisis. Peter quickly understood us and helped us rediscover the value of our marriage. We are so grateful for our marriage-transforming weekend.

– Daniel and Sarah, Hampstead, London